Available at this location

Available at this location

Batavia Tailors and Cleaners offers Wash, Dry and Fold Laundry Service

24 / 7 Drop off and pick up your Wash-Dry-Fold order.

Your time is valuable don’t waste it doing laundry, go do the things you enjoy! We’ll wash dry & fold your laundry, ready to be placed in the drawer.

  • Drop your order into our secure drop located at 39 Ellicott St in Batavia anytime you would like.
  • Within 2 business days, you will receive a text that your order is complete and ready for pick up from a locker in the same spot as the drop-off. (We only text during our business hours)
  • Wash Dry Fold service is an affordable and easy way to have your laundry needs done.
  • Choose from several plans that will fit your needs. Plans are monthly recurring, require a credit card on file, and can be canceled or switched between our different plans at any time.
  • The beautiful part of a subscription is that we can offer lower prices knowing that our customers will have their laundry done by us regularly.


Plan One: 2 bags of laundry, $55 per month

Suggested for Travelers.

Plan Two: 4 bags of laundry, $ 95 per month

Suggested for Singles.

Plan Three: 8 bags of laundry, $180 per month

Suggested for Couples. 2 bags are provided.

Plan Four: 16 bags of laundry, $325 per month

Suggested for Families. 4 bags are provided.

Extra charges:
Each bag over your plan is $35
Comforters are $30-$40 depending on size. Downfill is an extra charge.
Dry-cleaned items charged at our retail pricing

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Yes, I want to save valuable time by having my laundry washed, dried, and folded for me!


Have a question or two? Receive an email or call back from the owner or a manager during business hours.