Colony Dry Cleaners

To save my customers time, and make their lives more efficient, I’m proud to include these special services for FREE.

Free Valet Dry Cleaning

Do you regularly visit your dry cleaner? We have a better way more efficient and time-saving way to have your dry-cleaning done and with NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

Our Valet Dry Cleaning Service comes to your home or office to pick up your garments, then drops them back off to you fresh, clean, and pressed!

FREE Valet Dry Cleaning

Free VIP Express Service

In a hurry? Don’t like waiting in line? Our FREE VIP Express Service is for you! No more waiting in line to drop your clothes off, or waiting in line to pay when you pick them up.

With our barcoded VIP Garment Bag, and our auto-pay Credit Card system, just walk in and walk out. No waiting, no hassle!

FREE VIP Express Service

Servicing the Greater Rochester Area since 1969

The Colony name has been in our community since 1969. When I acquired Colony in 1998, we became one of the first dry cleaners in the Greater Rochester area to install a safer cleaning process in order to reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals, and lessen our impact on the environment. Since then, we have continued to be a leader in the industry by also introducing “wet-cleaning,” which is the ability to clean without the traditional use of dry-cleaning chemicals.

Our Free Pick-Up & Delivery started in 2007 and we service the greater Monroe County area.

Steve Tucciarello, Owner

Rochester/Gates, NY

Geneseo, NY

Batavia, NY